Binaural audio is also known as 3D audio and it's intended for Headphone listening!

It is an obsession of mine, (and soon to be yours I hope!) so here you'll find links to various articles explaining what it is, and content (besides my own) which I find interesting.

Click on the pictures to listen to pieces of mine in binaural audio (headphones!). If you like those, check out, 'Billboards Everywhere'.

Remember, that binaural does not sound super-produced, in order to preserve that natural-feel. You're in control! Use your volume knobs! 


  1. Musique Concrete on wikipedia
  2. Surrounded by sound: how 3D audio hacks your brain
  3. Binaural on wikipedia
  4. 3Dio (my weapon of choice! Unashamedly recommended) 
  5. Roland CS-10EM (budget favourite)
  6. Almost Tangible (Macbeth in beautiful binaural! You will love it! Catch it before these guys start charging!)
  7. The Owl Field (some quality binaural productions here! Try out their free podcast 'Escape Room')